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Credible neon lights

We were recently set a challenge in a Facebook group to make designs looking like neon lights. This article documents how I went about it using Affinity Designer (v1). Set a background I wanted the lights to be mounted on a brick wall, so I chose a stock image of bricks: But I wanted the […]

Using XOR compounds for Op Art

Continuing the series of Op Art designs inspired by Bridget Riley and made using Affinity Designer, here is an article about how some of these are best approached using Compounds and the XOR Boolean function. Here is the image we are trying to create: The quick analysis of the image goes as follows: Right, the […]

Optical Art in minutes

I have a book published by the Hayward Gallery for a retrospetive exhibition of Bridget Riley in 1971. The book cost £2 from a charity shop and was well worth it. It contains plates of a lot of her Op Art from the early 1960s. I thought it would be fun to try to reproduce […]

Learning is tricky

It’s around 10 months that I have been trying to learn about digital design using Affinity Designer. I’ve not used any other softwares for design, so I cannot comment on whether AD is better or worse, but it has been fun. I’ve benefitted a lot from being a member of certain Facebook groups and the […]


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I’m John Elliott. Jazz musician learning about digital design. Have a read of these short articles about my adventures on the way.

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